We humbly continue to invite anyone who has not had an opportunity to join us in our Jesuit Mission here on the border since 1893, to invest the resources that the Lord has blessed each of you with throughout your life. Your monetary gifts of whatever amount have sustained the programs and services we offer especially for the less fortunate of this Segundo Barrio. At the same time, our infrastructure and physical buildings continually need maintenance and improvements.

It is our promise to you that we make every effort to use your gifts as you request. The following are specific designations that you may request your donations be used for:

  • General Purpose and Support for Church buildings/improving facilities.

  • Educational Programs offered through our Social Service Center: Adult Education, GED Prep, ESL, Citizenship Prep, Computer Literacy.

  • Social Services for the Poor: Counseling, refugee assistance, citizenship classes, food bank/food pantry.

  • Jesuit Scholarship fund for children attending Catholic Schools.


Feel free to contact the pastor to set up a time to visit and have a tour of this ministry. Monetary Donations are tax deductible. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Thank you again for your love and support of this beautiful work here on the border and thank you for the support you give us Jesuits personally. We are truly blessed.